Thursday, November 23, 2017

TRADITIONAL MARTIAL ARTS - GILBERT & MESA - Traditional Karate & Kobudo Saturday Clinics

Hall of Fame & Who's Who in Martial Arts Legend, Soke Hausel teaches karate, kobudo, samurai arts and self-defense
at the Arizona Hombu Karate dojo in Mesa Arizona on baseline - just across the street from Gilbert. A professor of 
martial arts at the University of Wyoming for more than 30 years, and karate instructor at ASU, U of U, and UNM
Soke has considerable teaching experience. 
This Spring and Fall, 2018, the Arizona Hombu Dojo (Arizona School of Traditional Karate) will provide Saturday morning self-defense clinics at their Dojo (Martial Arts School) at the 60 W. Baseline Center, and a couple of clinics in McQueen Park.

Former Professor of Budo (Martial Arts) at the University of Wyoming, Hall of Fame & Who's Who in Martial Arts legend, Soke Hausel, agreed to teach a series of clinics in 2018 along with one or two practical self-defense clinics. Other clinics will include some uncommon Okinawa martial arts:

(1) Sansetsukon Clinic. Basics, Applications and Okinawa kata of Sansetsukon (3-sectional staff). The three sectional staff is a complex martial arts weapon that looks like nunchaku but has three pieces of wood attached to two chains making this one of the more difficult kobudo weapons to master. 

(2) Nitanbo Clinic. Basics, Self-Defense and Kata of Nitanbo. Nitanbo uses two short sticks that are about 2 shaku long (about 2 feet) for self-defense. This Okinawan art is similar to Philippine escrima.

(3) Tanto/Karambit Clinic. Basics, Self-Defense and Kata of Tantojutsu and Karamit. In this clinic, attendees will learn to use 1, 2, and 3 tanto knives and 1 and 2 karambit (Philippino) knives for self-defense.

(4) Self-Defense Clinic. Self-defense in the park. This general clinic will teach members self-defense in a number of circumstances in the park to include uneven terrain and what kinds of kobudo weapons are available in mother nature.

(5) Nicho Nunchaku Clinic. Okinawa Nicho-nunchaku kata and applications are the use of two nunchaku for self-defense.

(6) Gun Defense Clinic. Using empty hand techniques to defend against thugs armed with hand guns and riffles.

Scott defends attack using nitanbo by Ryan armed with kama at the Arizona
Hombu dojo.
(7) Jujutsu Clinic. Seiyo-Kai jujutsu. This clinic will focus many self-defense techniques used in Shorin-Ryu karate and kobudo.

(8) Tessen-jutsu Clinic. The martial art of the samurai war fan. A fan may look like a tool used to cool oneself - but in the ancient times of Japan, tessenjutsu became a very important form of self-defense used by samurai. The fan was always carried by a samurai, and many contained blades and strong metal structures used for blocking, striking and wrist locks.

(9) Arizona-Utah Annual Hombu Clinic. Arizona-Utah annual Shorin-Ryu Clinic. Members of the Utah Shorin-Kai with Hanshi Rob Watson, travel from Salt Lake City to train at the Arizona Hombu dojo for special advanced training in the Shorin-Ryu martial arts.

Other clinics for 2018 that we are considering include: kusari, hanbojutsu, hojojutsu, keychain defense, sojutsu, and naginatajutsu.

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